Our research group addresses fundamental problems at the materials and device level that, if solved, will bring new opportunities to the marketplace.  Typical fundamental problems involve materials incompatibilities, such as combining semiconductors with different lattice constants.  Semiconductor lattice engineering is one of the core competencies of the group. Previous advances in our group have lead to significant commercial application, such as strained silicon technology in microprocessors, III-V-CMOS integration in analog/mixed signal integrated circuits, and high efficiency thin film III-V solar cells on silicon substrates.

Our ethically sound basic research has helped the government and industry achieve their strategic research goals, and some of our previous research successes have also led to newly formed companies such as AmberWave Systems Corporation, Paradigm Research LLC, and 4Power LLC.  Our experience in materials and entrepreneurship has also led to participating in the founding teams of Contour Semiconductor and The Water Initiative. Our current research projects will impact solar energy, thermoelectric materials, and optoelectronic and electronic products.

Beyond Research